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I began seeing Robyn, through the recommendation of a friend about a year ago, specifically for problems with my stomach, which has bothered me for decades.  I had heard great things about her intuitiveness and knowledge regarding issues that were very complex; as I felt mine was.  This was more than just an ache or an injury, but something potentially life threatening, manifesting with heartburn and cellular damage.

After the first visit Robyn was able to determine and treat the fascia muscles responsible for my discomfort.  I was thrilled! I was out of options regarding diet, however the problem was more complex than that, and she was able to negate the symptoms.  I’ve continued to see her for other issues as well, as she is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable but has a great demeanour and is fun to be around; I would highly recommend her as an RMT!

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I first met Robyn as a Yoga Instructor and found that her approach which highlights anatomy and physiology for each pose and at the same time promotes mind and spirit components really appealed to me.  I find that regular practice with Robyn increases my flexibility and strength as well as providing a sense of well-being. Robyn is also my Massage Therapist and I am truly impressed with her ability to apply her extensive knowledge and skill to my treatments. Robyn’s holistic approach is both comforting and reassuring in the moment and with respect to long term outcomes.  Robyn quickly assesses the problem, establishes and implements a treatment plan which addresses the pain and then prescribes exercises and activities to increase strength and/or flexibility for each affected site.  I am deeply indebted to the breadth of Robyn’s knowledge and her professionalism – at the beginning of a recent appointment Robyn noticed a situation that, if she had proceeded with treatment, could have resulted in very negative consequences for me.  She immediately pointed out why she could not treat me that day and her assessment proved to be accurate.  I have had multiple body sites treated for decades by many therapists and I believe Robyn is truly one of the top Massage Therapists I have worked with.
Marg Bangen